The brain typically detects negative information faster than positive information.


From Buddhas Brain

“The brain typically detects negative information faster than positive information.

Take facial expressions, a primary signal of threat or opportunity for a social animal like us:

fearful faces are perceived much more rapidly than happy or neutral ones, probably fast-tracked by the amygdala (Yang, Zald, and Blake 2007).

In fact, even when researchers make fearful faces invisible to conscious awareness, the amygdala still lights up (Jiang and He 2006).

The brain is drawn to bad news.”



My two cents: I have also read that the mind can sense danger even if it is hiding behind a post in a room.

Knowing how the brain prioritizes events, how the nervous system and defense mechanism fires, help us navigate PTSD.

Intuition, our wisdom without cognition, flows from our right hemisphere of the brain.

Like looking down a dark alley, you sense danger.

My advice listen intently and avoid the alley.

In my opinion, intuition is far more reliable than any cognitive function we possess.



2 responses to this post.

  1. The brain has a negative slant

    We need to be more positive just to reach equality

    Negative is like velcro and positive like teflon

    We always slow down and look at the wreck on the freeway

    News is all negative, sensational

    Doing normal activities even great kindness rarely makes the news

  2. Posted by rudid96 on August 20, 2021 at 2:08 pm

    The prime-time news offers the human a cheap fix of sensationalism. I believe that is in part, an explanation for reports that center on attention-grabbing vocabulary rather than real, unadorned facts. I avoid a lot of public news stations and ‘entertainment.’ Heightened alert is NOT what my PTSD requires.

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