I am in a War: I battle ptsd daily




I have friends in crisis, serious Ptsd symptoms, depression, anxiety, fear, and hopelessness.

A wide range of emotional judgments spring forth, empathy first, then a realization of how powerful childhood abuse can be.

It is difficult to watch productive, kind, mature adults have their lives torn apart.

Life stops, PTSD dominates, we retreat into solitude for a while.

It may cost a job, a relationship, a friend, our health, or life.

I lost someone close, she committed suicide because of mental illness.

Ptsd and depression can be lethal.

There are no easy quick fixes for childhood abuse, it lasts a lifetime no matter what we do to heal.

Most sufferers of PTSD fail to prioritize healing as number one.

I would say far less than 5% devote a half-hour a day toward healing.

Fewer journal or keep track of their activity.

Do you want to heal?

Does your daily activity mirror your desire?

PTSD gets worse with age, grows in strength, as we give up the battle.

It takes courage to face what we fear most, many refuse to see it’s a war.

For me, I have acquired a toolbox of healing skills, they are used everyday.

I am at war with PTSD, every day a new battle for my wellbeing takes place.

You are at war also, you have not realized it or accepted it yet.



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  1. Posted by rudid96 on August 18, 2021 at 2:54 pm

    It helps to maintain awareness that my PTSD is never too far away. Acceptance allows me to structure my days with fewer field mines. On bad days I argue, existence is more like a jail cell. However, truth be told, my tools have grown in number. When I awaken, I take it slow. I don’t fight the necessary quiet time with thoughts of “I should be…When hubris or is it stupidity? take me down the path of false thinking that I’m completely healed, that’s where the deep trouble lies. I get ahead of myself and have left the tools behind, When the triggers consume, why am I still surprised? Why do I feel defeated?

    Not knowing what was happening in the early days of this journey were so confusing. Now, there’s a bit of comfort in owning the label PTSD.

  2. I gave the concept of healing

    Total healing for serious childhood abuse. No way

    No way a larger amygdala and smaller hippocampus are fixed

    We may rewire things but our brain organs change their size

    I do not think so

    We learn to navigate, we integrate all we can then engage in life

    We are different
    Flawed as hell but it is the life we were born into

    I know much more about PTSD
    But he still steals so much from me

    Certain things have never been the same

  3. Posted by Anonymous on August 18, 2021 at 5:57 pm

    I really like your photo of the jeep in the mud. It really feels that some days. “You are at war also”. I think I have realized that I am at war, but I haven’t accepted it yet.
    Thank you for your posts, somehow, your thoughts give me a new way of looking at the battle.

  4. Thank you for the input

    Whether we accept the war

    Or not it continues

    We do many irrational things when we take a hard look at things

    Not accepting has no benefit for us I can find

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