Desires wane as Ptsd matures




Desires wane as Ptsd matures.

Avoidance is a major symptom, we avoid at different levels.

My mental ability to navigate triggers successfully, determines life.

I have carved out a space where I can handle most of my triggers. The rest I avoid like the plague.

My mind brings enough intrusive thoughts at rest.

Certain places and people are dangerous for my emotional well-being.

My mind erupts, anticipation (worry, doubt, fear) of being in danger supercharges my PTSD.

Nothing is gained when our trauma explodes like this.

There is a heavy price to be paid if I trigger some of my scariest hidden compartments.

Desire to do some things will never be the same, other things we will never risk trying again.

After a decade of healing and suffering, this is what remains.

This is a map of my PTSD inside.

It is a balancing act and mine is way out of whack.

Trusting people or even wanting to be around them has waned.

How many things you once desired have you avoided with Ptsd?

Remember, desire and happiness are not companions.

More desire only brings more desire, not satisfaction, not happiness, nothing good.



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  1. Posted by rudid96 on August 17, 2021 at 3:45 pm

    Oh my, this says it all for me. It’s like this is a snapshot of the inside of my mind and soul. I wrestle regularly with trying to expand my limitations only to experience a rebound effect My past included periods of extroverted behavior. Now, speaking to several people in a row requires preparation and substantial decompression time.
    That’s PTSD fallout.
    If my therapist is too kind or I perceive she’s too close, emotional vulnerability sets off my triggers BIG TIME.

  2. I get pressure from friends and my daughter to get out more

    Find a hobby

    Join a group


    Things impact me

    A friend in kundalini group is in crisis

    Entered an abuse shelter

    This impacts me

    I feel her pain

    He’ll we can not heal ourselves

    How are we going to help heal others

  3. Extroverted behavior

    Oh yes. I can let go

    Then hide in the aftermath

  4. Marty, I feel for you. Must be a constant balancing act. Your post resonates, but it’s different for me. Before my C-PTSD emerged in all its rotten glory, I used to feel connected to people in my life, especially my friends. I have/had many close friends and people I enjoyed being around.

    But now, even though I find myself healing, starting to feel like myself again, sort of, I find myself content to spend a lot of time by myself, alone — yet I’m not really happy being by myself, as I am lonely and kind of sad.

    I know being around friends would feel good, as I am (was) a people person and really enjoy the company of others. Used to, that is. Anymore, I am becoming a hermit. Not because I am avoiding being triggered, but because I don’t know where or how I fit anymore.

    Of course the COVID shit show doesn’t help, neither does the political environment in the USA, also my mom died last year, my last parent. I am an only child. My wife divorced me this year. So I have many pieces to put back together, yet I don’t even know how. Feeling alienated and isolated. Mick

    On Tue, Aug 17, 2021 at 11:39 AM PTSD – A Way Out wrote:

    > Marty posted: “. . . > Desires wane as Ptsd matures. Avoidance is a major symptom, we avoid at > different levels. My mental ability to navigate triggers successfully, > determines life. I have carved out a space where ” >

  5. Thanks, Mick

    I have been an extrovert at times

    Ptsd even as you say we feel somewhat better but as you say how do we fit in

    We do not fit in very well

    It is a burden being around people now

    I do not trust people

    Not afraid of being triggered

    You have stressors with death and divorce

    Relationships are hard for us

    Divorce is hard for us

    Going to trust another woman after divorce Mick

    It’s not impossible but harder for us

    How do we fit in

    We are different

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