Focused and Fearless by Shaila Catherine: Aversion and desire



“It is imperative for the sincere meditator to unwaveringly witness the functions of desire, aversion, restlessness, and doubt, witness these forces arising—but without acting them out, without buying into them.

See them arise as empty thoughts, and see them pass just as quickly.

If they are not seen clearly, these mental states can obstruct progress in concentration.

Doubt can assail the mind with indecision, worry, or chronic judgment.

Unabated, the momentum of uncertainty can paralyze spiritual progress.

Yet doubt is nothing more than a thought.

Through examining the experience of doubt, you will come to understand doubt, rather than be consumed by it.

Doubt is a category of thought that you can definitively set aside.

The very instant you realize you are thinking you have an opportunity to affect the patterns of mind.

Thoughts of self can clutter attention with a plethora of diversified tales—preventing composure, stillness, and unification.

Concentration abandons this diffusing activity.

When you clearly perceive a thought, natural disinterest replaces identification with the stories.

As the mind calms, mental seclusion is established.”



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  1. Posted by rudid96 on August 15, 2021 at 3:07 pm

    Mindful Marty, can you explain in a little more detail what you mean by “spiritual progress”? Having long since departed from traditional religion, I’m curious about how you define this phrase.

  2. Spiritual progress

    Meditation has changed my life, given me the moments of feeling at peace

    My healing goes through mindfulness or the spiritual part of me.

    There is no way of cognitively explaining or justifying our childhood, our abuse and our suffering

    Meditating I uncovered or found my true self

    He is perfect

    When I can suppress my ego long enough, he comes out to play

    While meditating Redid96, I go to a place where ptsd does not exist

    When I can bring that space into walking life, my soul fills with hope

    The ying and yang of life

    In baseball as a hitter, I have to hit the outside pitch, or demonstrate to the pitcher I can hit that pitch to ever see an inside pitch

    Or if I can not hit a slider, I will never see anything else

    In our ptsd life if I can not survive its onslaught, I will never find peace

    We have to stand up the bully

    The spiritual path is the only way I can stand up

    I have not been able to keep my perfect self in charge recently

    Therapy is not going to fix us Redid96

    Hopefully that is obvious after all our work

    We have to think outside the box

    The more we get below the ego the more clarity and healing comes available

    I keep trying

    I will keep,trying to my last breath

    Effort and attitude is all we have

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