PTSD: Can I Feel Optimistic?



Yes, my life sucks at times, childhood was a nightmare however, my spirit has fought for breaths during the dark moments.

My spiritual practice, my daily meditation brings an opportunity to enjoy life when PTSD is not at gale force.

Finding the core issue has soothed my being.

It feels like nirvana, that my gloom and doom has vacated my being, my mind can let go again, I wake up looking forward to the day.

I have learned to value the times my mind is free, these moments have been earned through a decade of therapy, meditation, and application of skills learned.

Some of the same thoughts arrive but they exit quickly without impact.

My tools work again.

Childhood abuse has a core issue (issues), it is hidden deep under many emotions and symptoms.



We will not have a chance at deep healing until we find what drives our childhood abuse.



Search for your core.

I struggle to understand how depressed, how worthless, how down life can become because of my mind.

I can exert great influence on my life when my PTSD is not out of control.

My message is hopeful again.

There is no guarantee about tomorrow, how trauma will impact my life.

We need to live as fully as possible in the moment, celebrating the piece of life we have carved out.


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