The Spiritual part of Healing Trauma: Going below the cognitive, the Ego



All the therapies and practices over a decade have brought incremental healing.

I have acquired great coping skills on this journey.

Now my focus is on spiritual healing, opening the heart, meditating, dropping below the cognitive judging machine, the ego.

Regular PTSD, that is a single serious trauma as an adult may heal from the cognitive tools but childhood abuse rarely succumbs to therapy alone.

Regular PTSD can improve quickly with the right therapy, therapist, and hard work.

Therapy stalled because I was not working on my core issue, it was buried deeper, camouflaged.

Healing does not happen at the surface with childhood trauma, our abuse is intertwined with brain development, a deep, deep dive into our subconscious is the only way out.

I have been lost since an old trauma broke loose.

Therapy, affirmations, meditating, etc. did nothing to alleviate my symptoms.

The core issue: Loss = Failure = Worthlesness!

No loss, no trauma, no problem.

It’s that simple.

I assumed loss for another’s behavior and felt like a failure.

Reframe this and I have enjoyed over a week of the gloom and doom being absent.

It is a drastic change from not wanting to be alive to having my mind free and empty with happiness and healing a possibility.

Never give up in the dark moments.

I await the next inside attack.



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