Making it thru the dark moments!


Complex PTSD has many intensities, he is always present, sometimes in the background, sometimes in my face, and then sometimes he gets way out of control.

Two days ago the monster loosened his grip, gloom, and doom took a vacation.

For how long, impossible for me to say or control.

Why things have calmed, I have no idea.

My patterns are the same, the shift seems sudden.

All seems hopeless when PTSD is at gale force, it shows the importance of never giving up.

That sounds like a nice saying but if we lack the insight or perseverance to keep going when all cognitive avenues cease working, we lose.

I think childhood PTSD ages, Matures like bad wine.

We learn to cope with many of the symptoms, anxiety gives way to depression and feelings of worthlessness.

I have a much different relationship with trauma now than ten years ago.

Our nervous systems get tired, worn out, exhausted.

Our lives are compromised, how much not even the experts know.

We lose when our focus looks back or forward, the only safe place is in the present.

I have learned to enjoy life when PTSD lightens up.

I enjoy the most well-being when I am present, unencumbered by the past, focused on nothing, just observing.



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  1. Posted by rudid96 on August 2, 2021 at 3:19 pm

    From one who knows and understands, Welcome Back Mindful Marty.

  2. Thanks

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