Simon Biles: Is this a Ptsd teaching moment


Let’s look at how amateur athletes are treated, then female athletes, finally sexually abused athletes.

We better hide our symptoms and have courage and perform like nothing is wrong.

Remember, Larry Nassar, the United States gymnasts physician who molested hundreds of our top female athletes.

Simon Bikes was his most famous victim, lest our great men sports writers forget.

Look at how they eviscerate her. She was triggered, we understand triggers can happen at anyt time. Especially under high stress and fear.

Three articles: Piers Morgan suggests Simon Biles is “pathetic, gutless, cowardly” for quitting.


She said it feels like the weight of the world is on her.

She stepped down to take care of her mental health.

She was triggered going back into her trauma environment and high pressure.



Do you think other girls will want to compete?



Did she do the correct thing for her well-being?



One response to this post.

  1. Does the United States value women, their safety

    Hard for me to say yes when money is the only thing keeping us from testing rape kits.

    We build fences and fund wars in multiple countries, build a strong military, invest millions in national parks, have the highest incarceration rate in the world but we refuse to test the rape kits

    I would carry a gun if I were a woman

    How would you explain that to others around the world

    My British buddy thinks we are insane

    They have few firearms

    84 people were shot in Chicago over the weekend with 10 deaths

    Society is extremely violent now, even our rhetoric around the Olympics has deteriorated

    Do we only support winning at all costs and have no use for losers

    This sounds much like my childhood

    Would you want your daughter in this system?

    The rich billionaires could pay for the rape kits instead of playing boy astronauts

    People leave fortunes to colleges all the time,

    We fund scientific research to discover all these new things when solving violent felonies never gets the light of day in any conversation

    Think our sexual, predators have only one victim

    If us men were being raped those damn kits would be tested fast

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