Jousting with Forgiveness


Healing is unpacking old habits, then repeatedly and persistently inserting new healthy habits.

Like staying present instead of dissociating or letting go of thought instead of ruminating or following body sensations instead of the emotion.

Not forgiving is a huge impediment to my healing.

I replace it first with my mantra, “Forgivness is for me”.

Slowly as I delve deeper into finding ways to forgive, resistance is stiff at times, but other times the path is open.

One big change, I have decided to forgive, I will find a way.

My inner critic has received the message and recognizes I am dead serious.

Know thy enemy.



2 responses to this post.

  1. When I get angry, I always ask: Why do I need to forgive?
    Thank you for always showing up & sharing with your readers.
    Amen to Forgiving! Especially ourselves. (We are all a work in progress)

  2. Thank you for insight and kind words

    Forgiveness perplexes me

    Trauma damage from childhood challenges us beyond the cognitive model.

    Is the hurt real

    I wrangle with the pain being so abstract

    Is it real. It feels real

    It is so blown out of proportion inside my head

    I have times of ease

    Then in a second I am ambushed

    Reliving an event trying to navigate

    Trying to change

    Try to get closure

    I know it is a mirage

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