No one knows what‘s around the next Bend in the River

My kundalini teacher has struck again (sarcasm).


Spiritual work on my PTSD.

The inner critic work this month in the online meditation group agitated my vulnerabilities, a wounded part, as Jennifer says.

Doing the work, showing up every morning for the meditation group, collides with old memories of hurt and pain. Healing starts by picking the scab, what a visual that is.

I have a trauma event, one that destroyed two lives, the deepest hurt, the most shame, and rage that stayed buried until recently.

Now it has burst into my consciousness.

So Jennifer’s advice is:

“Pray for yourself to find peace and healing, pray for them to do the same, pray for forgiveness to release yourself and forgiveness to release them. Pray for an opening in your ego to allow the heart to temper it all with love and grace.”

Man, that is eloquent and profound, Allow the heart to temper it all with love and grace. Feels like magic in those words.

Praying gives me pause, I have bad experiences with religion but I understand the concept. For me I will add this to my meditation practice, working on peace and healing.

Pray for forgiveness to release yourself and forgiveness to release them, wow, is that possible?

I needed hope, mine was low, so offering a probable solution is a wonderful gift.

Beyond therapy exists holistic and spiritual healing, tools not in the therapists bag.

The next effort to heal maybe the one we have been searching for.

No one knows what’s around the next bend in the river.

Keep paddling.


5 responses to this post.

  1. Yes, keep paddling. Don’t give up.

  2. It’s the road less travelled

    We get down and feel worthless but we get back up

  3. Posted by rudid96 on July 9, 2021 at 3:33 pm

    Really beautiful Mindful Marty. Meditation, praying for yourself, and possibly others expands the capacity for compassion. Inspired & educated by your shared work.
    Paddle on…..:)

  4. We all paddle on

    We must find our way

    And know others are doing the same

  5. Good advancement. My spiritual connection began in 1977–just 3 months after I quit drinking It has changed over the years but is my constant companion. I gave up years ago trying to define it. I call it “the universe” “He/She/It” if I need to label. But the creation of everything is my proof something besides myself is there. And that gives me comfort.

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