My Top two skills for PTSD



My focus skills have helped me the most, have always been there to access in low moments.

Meditation, the ability to focus on an object, the breath, mantra, etc. opens many doors.

My daily practice of sitting quietly, intensely focused on the tiniest body sensation or observing a trauma trigger thought from a safe distance, calms and soothes me.

Any therapy or skill is applied through meditations focus, it is a safe space to take risks.

My fight or flight mechanism calmed from firing by meditating everyday for hours.

In my mind, this is imperative and the first goal on the healing path.

I have been able to risk at times because of meditations power. Meditation allowed me to use exposure therapy in a safe place, over and over and over and over again, until I had enough courage to face triggers in real life.

Next I learned to separate from my Ego’s grasp, allowing me access to reality, my true self without bias or confusion.

To this day my wellbeing depends more on my ability to focus, then let go than any other skill in my tool box.

Aerobic exercise has always been beneficial in many ways.

It is a physical challenge where trauma thoughts die a fast death.

I flush the poisons from my system, gain achievement which is shared with my mind, deplete cortisol and adrenaline, then escape out of my head into my body.

Aerobic exercise is such a release for my body, meditation is a release for my mind.

If you are not using aerobic exercise, a great healing opportunity awaits those who can take action.

Start slow, focus and know you are actively healing.



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  1. Aerobic exercise brings us out of our sedentary avoidance behavior

    We need to exert, strain, compete

    Compete against PTSD of course

    That inner voice wants control, a sedentary space where all there is to do is think

    We need to get out of our heAds, away from thought, into aerobic exercise, vigorous hiking with elevation compressed my chronic pain

    Push yourself Be in the moment, winded, determined

    If you really want to heal
    Aerobic exercise calms our pain with the endorphins that are released


    The happiest people on this planet meditate

    Some have reached areas of the mind not available to us regular people

    Actually they have sat over 30,000 hours in silent meditation

    Functional mri scans of their brains have astounded neuroscientists

    There focus can shut down most cognitive actions and enter a higher state

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