The Inner Critic: Assigning Importance

Our goal is to
find a way to live in this moment unencumbered by memory or past thought (PTSD).

Pixabay: Zorro4

Sounds ominous, complex and impossible.

My inner critic, a major contributor to the ego, causes that snowball to roll down that hill of suffering.

A sports analogy: A back in football is much easier to stop before he gets a full head of steam, similar to the inner critic, much easier to thwart before it gets momentum.

My inner critic lobbies for power, isolation, feeling like a victim and time bombarding me with worthless thoughts.

Instead of battling him/her, do the opposite.

I try to accept, let go and keep living life.

Without my negative narrative having power, life is better.

All the therapy and healing will feel numb if the inner critic still reigns supreme inside our mind.

Just for today, make a choice to change your relationship with the inner critic, act contrary to his/her wishes.

I am actively giving this approach full energy.

Any thoughts?

4 responses to this post.

  1. I also am trying not to battle the inner critic while at the same time trying to tune into a softer side of myself that has been held down by that critic most of my life.

    It is constant work, for it seems if I am giving attention and life to my softer side my critic is always online too, and if I falter in any way it can gain the upper hand. I am finding the inner critic can also work more subtlety then I may have realized. Sometimes I don’t hear anything judging myself, but I feel it. In a moment I suddenly feel/“know” my efforts are doomed and I’m “bad” “weak”, etc. Those subtle ones can sneak by and really pull me out of my present, I think I need to figure out a way to stop that feeling from building. Hoping as I let my softer side out more, I’ll find some sort of stable love for myself and will be able to not fall for those traps as easily.

    I do feel my inner critic has grown quieter in my day to day life. It’s such a difficult process, but I see hope. 🌻

  2. Good for you

    I am exploring different ways of dealing with the inner critic

    For now, I do and feel the opposite of what my inner critic has to offer

    This is possible because I have calmed my nervous system and my fight or flight mechanism does not fire for trauma like it did before

  3. That is really interesting. I like that idea, remaining calm if possible and doing and feeling opposite of what the inner critic is offering. I’m going to try to put that into practice today.

    Thanks for sharing your perspective on here, I feel many others are on this journey too. It helps to not feel alone and also to hear what you are learning.

  4. It does

    I feel the same way

    If no one would find my blog worthwhile I would feel alone

    I try not to think with or against my inner critic

    It is the ruminating that the inner critic wants

    PTSD fuels when we dissociate



    So just to opposite without thought

    Just do it

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