PTSD: finding our way



As a lay person, I know nearly as much as most therapists about childhood PTSD, in my opinion.

Yes, this has been helpful improving but healing therapies, therapists and holistic solutions have their limitations.

I lost my mind for a few months when an old buried trauma decided to surface.

All those old therapies and tools did not stick to the proverbial wall, life narrowed, became rigid and my options dwindled.

Childhood trauma has been highly resistant to healing for all of us at times.

We get lost, angry, ashamed and frustrated, suffering feels endless at these moments.

That’s when we need to find our own way out, intuitively.

Meditation has let me visualize things outside the box.

Now, I refuse to follow my inner critic or let PTSD mood swings impact behavior.

Not really a therapy but a valuable skill for me.

In a way, I have rationally refused to have the past rule my present moment.

Instead of letting ptsd fear and anxiety impact my thoughts, behavior, I do the opposite.

Feels so much freer not handling old trauma and the past.

Is this healing?



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  1. Posted by rudid96 on June 24, 2021 at 1:11 pm

    When it comes to surviving C-PTSD, one can be seduced. Like the abuser, its intent is self-driven. The sought-after protection comes with a price; the rest of your life you get to be a slave to it and remain a prisoner.

    Stepping outside of the walls is everyday work. Oftimes I’m not sure if I’m actually outside those walls but I continue trying.
    Sometimes the prospect of different feels in equal parts, miserable and hopeful. Most times there’s no clear picture of what ‘different looks like.
    I guess that’s the point of staying in the moment.
    We don’t need to see the whole picture before unlocking a chain.

  2. We know where we are at from reading the tea leaves of our inner critic, he makes up our ego filled with unworthiness

    Anytime he wants us to isolate, to be afraid, to be rigid we need only do the opposite

    Oh I know my inner critics game and his extreme feeling of unworthy all to well

    When we do the opposite of what the inner critic wants we are outside the walls of ptsd

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