Taking a different action to heal

I have started to change my reaction to triggering situations.

Pixabay zhuwei06191973

We all know how to avoid with the best of them, worry like a champion, and find trust a minefield.

With all these negative trauma thoughts roaming around, I leaned into my old habits and patterns.

After being triggered by a perceived invalidation of my PTSD, I played defense for a couple of days.

Then I did the opposite, my inner voice be damned.

Instead of isolating, I let the turmoil go and reengaged with life.

Then I mended another old relationship.

Such a burden of anger I was carrying around like a badge of honor is fine now.

I have shared the mess lately, this is a pleasant break in the action.

Healing is the path my inner critic does not dare venture down.

I found myself unguarded at my grandsons baseball game, absorbed and relaxed watching and talking to parents.

How did that happen?

Let healing be, work to improve now, react the opposite way PTSD wants you to behave.

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