Our PTSD has Patterns



A couple days ago my PTSD reacted to external stimulus, one of those invalidating discussions with a friend.

No, my fight or flight did not erupt, my nervous system revs up some, nothing scary or intimidating.

The irrational thinking part of PTSD takes over. This is my main culprit.

This is my pattern.

A battle between letting the crap go versus engaging the trauma begins.

We have to find reality in the midst of all the PTSD symptoms.

For me, I play defense, refuse to make decisions, discount the anger and unworthiness that PTSD offers.

When intrusive thoughts flow, anxiety arrives and cognitive functions become confusing.

We get lost and suffer.

What is real life and what is trauma? Takes time and practice to decipher this riddle.

In a couple of days the horizon clears back to our PTSD normal.

I always come back, never get lost for long now.

For me, this is most freedom available, being able to navigate PTSD when it erupts.

I have lost my guilt around my abuse, this is a soothing accomplishment.

I take daily action, try to heal a little each day.

Never give up, never give in, this is our challenge.



3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by rudid96 on June 21, 2021 at 3:40 pm

    Oh, Mindful Marty, your messages of hope and healing (both of this morning’s posts) are evidence that bits and sometimes, dare I say, chunks of healing have been sticking to your being? It is good to read and it’s a pathfinder for my own journey.
    Learning to reorient, and much of the time create what has never been, is oh-so-slow. Filled with false stops and lost hope. Life doesn’t just stop until the perfect being steps forth. We’re simultaneously required to create and sift thru all trauma. Whether experiencing or witnessing a new, healthier creation, I rejoice.
    Today my friend, you shine!

  2. Yes. Some of it can be false some of the patterns are to help heal.

  3. I agree

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