PTSD: Navigating normal people



Outsiders see simple solutions to complex trauma, a normal mind can not fathom a severely traumatized brain.

A non traumatized brain has no serious implicit memories, no paralyzing fear, no symptoms of hypervigilance, flashbacks, or avoidance at all costs.

It is similar to life or death when triggers explode. Explain that to someone who has never experienced it.

From the outside it looks like we have big mood swings, but actually it is trauma being triggered followed by PTSD symptoms.

My nervous system felt like it turned upside down, it was out of my control, I suffered while trying to calm it down.

Remember the trigger may be neutral with no danger from the outside as a normal person looks at our behavior.

I have been laughed at when triggered in public by a friend.

That did not end well.

I could take a step back while meditating and observe my nervous system. I felt like a spectator as my adrenal stress response would fire violently without cognitive input from me.

It had a mind of its own and an endless power source.

How could they possibly understand an event decades old feeling like it is not only alive, but maybe lethal to our existence.

I would challenge anyone to live a week with your fight or flight mechanism firing 15 times a day, then tell me how easy it is to heal.

I have been there and it fired like that for over a year.

One of my biggest frustrations is navigating friends.

Some of my friends became so frustrated with me, they started criticizing me for not being strong enough to let go.

Sadly all this leads to more isolation.

For most of us, we are ashamed of our PTSD around others.

We are afraid we will be triggered around them in public.

Hard to function in a group when Trauma is highly active.

How do we navigate and heal in this environment?

I do not have an easy answer for these questions.

Please share your experiences and successes.



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  1. You’ve nailed it brilliantly.
    Gratitude. DMG

  2. Thanks

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