my therapist steers me back to the Emotional Freedom Technique



My therapist has me digging up my EFT experience. He recommends more physical, more rhythmic, more action tools to counter Intrusive thought.

The tapping combines action with words thus occupying my mind thoroughly. At times witching T.V. I play solitaire to occupy my mind.

Solitaire takes no thought, so multitasking with a movie stops intrusive thought, or any thought for a while.

This is a technique we can master and practice at home.

The more tools we possess, the chance for wellbeing increases.

My set up is: Even thought I was betrayed, my masculinity is safe and secure.

This set up has to resonate for each one of us.

Here is a how to on EFT on u-tube.

Somethings may seem awkward and uncomfortable but some have worked for me.

We can not be rigid if we want to heal, be open to new therapies and ideas.

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  1. There is a lo of emphasis today on using somatic techniques for healing trauma. Do you find EFT is healing, or mainly calming?

  2. Mainly calming so far

    But my set up is directed at my old male ego, realizing I was safe

    I have a few different tapping skills used when hiking

  3. Posted by rudid96 on May 16, 2021 at 4:05 pm

    I’ve tried EFT. However, I find a hybrid of this tapping ( as demonstrated by a Somatic Counselor) works better for me when experiencing anxiety. Fewer contact points to remember and the accompanying sentences that one is encouraged to say are unnecessary.

  4. Good for you

    I recorded my set up

    Even though I was betrayed
    My masculinity is safe and secure

    Then tapped

    Actually the day I talk to my spiritual teacher and watched that documentary

    I knew exactly what the problem was

    I dropped that ego and did not need to tap

    Many times we have done the needed work but we have a blockage

    So a shift can bring large relief

    There is an energy in this kundalini meditation

    It is like getting rewarded for all those hours I meditated in silence

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