Is PTSD a choice?



A friend told me, PTSD or not, we all have a choice. That hit a nerve, do I really have a choice?

Can I decide not to have PTSD?

I sure wasted a decade of therapy and practice, if it’s true.

I have never read PTSD is a choice or heard a therapist describe PTSD this way.

Therapy would be quick and simple.

One or two sessions would heal us.

Do you think you can choose not to have PTSD?

Seems others think I am weak minded, flawed, incapable of choosing.

Friends can do more damage with their words.

Not safe to share our trauma with others.

One more time, it is not safe to trust others.





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  1. Yes, PTSD and CPTSD become free will choices when people reject the man who broke the trauma contract. His name is Jesus Christ.
    As I have written in previous comments, once a person accepts this, they are set free from teh bondage of pain and all addiction.
    Detoxing the body – the temple of God – plays a large part, and can be the “push” a person needs.
    I have a clinical diagnosis of CPTSD dating to birth.
    Not everyone can heed the call of the Shepherd.
    It’s a choice.

  2. Interesting

    I agree that our diet has an impact on our trauma

    Finding God has worked for you, I am happy for you

    So you accepting God healed you?

    Did it happen quick or immediately

    You have no symptoms from complex PTSD?

  3. Posted by rudid96 on May 2, 2021 at 3:55 pm

    Ascension Diet – I’m glad being a Believer in your chosen higher power has worked to free you from the bonds of C-PTSD. If it offers you peace, promotes an increased capacity for kindness to others, and breaks the intergenerational cycle of trauma, bravo!

    However, I’m not a believer. There must be multiple paths to finding some form of, if not resolution, then at least acceptance and peace in life.

    Mindful Marty – Again, totally agree that sharing trauma is unsafe to do with others but also, very much one does NOT choose to have PTSD or C-PTSD. It’s part of the reason why I, as well as countless others, experience opposing duality in their relational lives.

  4. To answer your last question first, symptoms only become problems when I veer from faith of what ws done by the Creator who came to earth in a man’s body that had 23 X chromosomes from a mother and one Y chromosome from a father who was a light body
    Also, this 33-year old man is the only human body to re-animate and was seen by over 500 witnesses over the ensuing 40 day period before he went up in a cloud.
    The Los Alamos forsensic photographer who was invited to document the Shroud project was Jewish. Once.
    Like so many, the history you know is what has been written by the world rulers. I implore you to research the apocryphal texts, the Dead Sea Scrolls, non-secular archeology, teh work of Velikovsky and Stitchin.
    I did not “find God”: I unplugged from lying narratives. I did have a running start as many relatives were walking in The Light. Some rose a bit in high-profile positions, like my great Uncle Homer, who left working for DOW Chemical and Operation Paperclip chemists and bought an entire VALLEY on Owens County, California. It was flooded and stolen by the government and the movie Chinatown tells his story anonymously.
    I testify truth to you, always hoping you will awaken to it.
    Caiaphus, the Jewish priest who had Jesus crucified, he himself converted, and he saw Jesus. You can read this here, called The Testimony of Caiaphas on the Resurrection of Jesus Christ

    If I get wrapped in MAYA, as the Hindus call it, or what we know is ILLUSION, I can certainly fallprey to fear and doubts, and into sin. All we all are taught – all of life around us is a shadowbox puppet theater – is that God is dead, we are our own gods, etc. The basis for the rise of transhumanism and the Trojan Horse of Covid because the truth has been so thoroughly hidden.
    At least listen to what Caiaphas experienced.

  5. Yea

    Sharing does not work out well

  6. I do not decry your path

    I am happy for you

    Like you say not everyone is called

    Thanks for your insight

    Can I ask your opinion in therapists and therapy

    If God heals like you say, where are the therapies that embodies this healing practice

  7. Posted by Brian (SearchingForLostSoul) on May 2, 2021 at 4:46 pm

    You know I agree with you! No one, no one would choose to live like this. I don’t know what people are thinking sometimes. They just don’t get it I guess because they’ve never experienced it.

  8. Oh I have been told I get something from having ptsd

    A benefit

    The irrational part of ptsd is not understood

    To many if we are strong we can decide to let ptsd go

    To some a solution is always available

    For me my choice was to face my Ptsd and work to heal or do nothing

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