Stored trauma has an irrational voice



Feeling like I had improved, my symptoms were calmer, my days freer, life was pleasant for a two year period.

This improvement came after 8 years of daily work and practice.

Now a long hidden trauma exploded into my consciousness.

This stored trauma has changed the narrative of my life.

This single event changed my life, the narrative my trauma shouts at me.

My Intrusive trauma thoughts are irrational, incomplete and violent. I know this is not close to reality, highly biased and distorted.

In reality, it destroyed trust, the rest of my life continued.

PTSD is all powerful when we feed it, he can consume all of me.

I have tools that limit the impact of PTSD, also a safe space while meditating, anywhere, anytime.

Expecting my life to be free of Ptsd or easy brings only loss and misery.

Accepting what our life is, all of it, good and bad, is the road less traveled.

Other roads are just dead ends or detours to being stuck.



2 responses to this post.

  1. Thanks Marty – your voice helps so many others 🙏

  2. Thank you for your kindness

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