Part two: What is Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

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Complex post-traumatic stress disorder is a developmental trauma disorder (DTD) which is wildly different than post-traumatic stress disorder that normally, but not always, forms in adulthood.

The trauma model states that children who experience chronic sexual, psychological, physical abuse and neglect develop CPTSD.

However, it also forms in kids who suffer slavery, human trafficking, working in sweatshops, war or survivors of concentration camp environments and cults.

The trauma which causes this disorder may also include having experienced betrayal, defeat, and shame.

The reason children are vulnerable to forming CPTSD is that children do not have the cognitive or emotional skills to understand what is happening to them.

Since the abuse and neglect, they are experiencing is normally perpetrated by people they know and trust, to admit to themselves that these same people want to hurt them is akin to emotional suicide so they use other means to manage the trauma.

The psychological implications are enormous leaving the child with a complex mess of their core beliefs about who they are what they are.

This tangled mess becomes even more complicated by flashbacks, nightmares and other symptoms that are worse in adulthood.

Often, children experiencing interpersonal traumatic events experience a conundrum in their minds and some choose to dissociate the events away.



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  1. Posted by Bex on April 27, 2021 at 9:20 pm

    I have transmuted out Complex PTSD and it took me 3 arduous years to accomplish a state of being in alignment from all the imposed disassociations. The coherence of an individual is remarkable to navigate and with persistence and a framework of understanding the connectivity and optimization of the biology is an empowerment thrive for anyone impacted by repeated violent trauma in their formative years of development. Being able to engage boundaries and relearn your mentalizing processes is a feat for someone to undertake, but with consistency and systematic investment, one can return back to the wholeness of the truth of who they really are. I am most grateful to find such resonant content and I thank you and wish you much wellness. -Bex 🧘🏽‍♂️

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