This type of meditation is easier to start and follow



If you are a novice, kundalini yoga, a form of meditation, is much warmer and easier to start a practice.

Oh I value my meditation practice but it was a cold, a silent journey. All of us in that zen center had no idea what enlightenment was, or if we were really meditating. We would sit for 30 minutes, then do a 3 minute walking meditation, followed by a final 30 minute meditation.

Going around the room after a five day retreat, most said they fought thoughts the whole time. This takes a lot of willpower and a firm purpose to stick with it.

Focusing solely on the breath chases so many future practitioners away. It is mundane, boring and extremely difficult for most.

My first zoom session with Kundalini yoga was much different. Jennifer started with an introduction to the divine teacher inside us. We focused on a candle as she intermittently guided our journey.

Next we recited a mantra to background music, followed by a short song of gratitude then a nice ending.

We shook our arms at one point balancing and clearing our being.

It is a friendly and warm way to meditate.

Many more people would meditate if they tried kundalini yoga, in my opinion.


Here is the zoom class I do every morning at 7:00weekdays ; 8:00 am on weekends Pacific time zone

Jennifer is an amazing leader

Virtual FREE 40 Day Meditation – ZOOM ID 229 287 318
Jennifer Lakhmi Chand Kelly



One response to this post.

  1. I hope a few of you will try a 30 minute session

    She donates her skill and time
    Has adopted kids and walks the walk

    I am extremely impressed by her and I am not impressed that often

    The group has been extremely supportive of me

    It is a safe space for trauma people like us

    You can leave your screen turned off if you want privacy

    I have started big discussions in the what’s app board for the group

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