“The Long and Winding Road”




My “Ego”, influenced by PTSD, can be described as dramatic, his goal to elevate his suffering as extreme, pleading for sympathy or empathy, the center of immense importance.

That’s bullshit. Lord my Ego is a drama queen!

How does your trauma Ego behave, are you submissive, passive, pissed, aggressive or frozen?

Can you have everything firing, triggers exploding, then bring your focus back to your breath.

We need not succeed at first but our focus can shut down our defense mechanism.

Daily practice can build your focus to disarm triggers.

It is simple, not easy but mastered with diligent practice.

If you are going to improve, you better have willpower and courage, or give up.

Childhood PTSD’s song would be “The Long and Winding Road”.



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