Worry is a Bully


Worry is a bully.

Worry only takes, never gives anything.

Yes, an abused kid learns to worry like a champion.

My worry was well founded, we had reason to worry in childhood.

I have worked on this habit.

Our PTSD symptoms, hypervigilance, Dissociation, flash backs, and triggers bring a big volùme of worry to our doorstep.

We worry about criticism, approval, fitting in, ridicule and unworthiness.

We need to limit as many of these worries as possible.

When PTSD is active our worry increases without input from us.

Worry is not a necessity.



3 responses to this post.

  1. I am a work in progress

    Wellbeing is a moment to moment challenge of being aware or being lost

    We get lost in thought, worry, doubt, anxiety and fear

  2. I am a constant worrier, have been all my life. Changing it is hard but I do try.

  3. I agree

    For me, I worried all my life and damn near none of it ever happened

    My worry did more harm than reality

    True for all of us

    Cut out all you can

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