A one minute practice for awareness, focus and healing




First squeeze both nostrils then try to exhale, feeling the ears pop. This opens up the vagus nerve, breathing becomes more open.

Set your phone for one minute.

Try to inhale, pause, exhale and pause as slowly as possible.

How few breaths can you take in the next minute?

Slow inhale with a long pause, then extra slow exhale with a long pause.

I can get to three breaths a minute. Long pauses help me slow down my breath.

My focus seems easy for this minute.

See how much better you are after a week of practice.

One minute.

Explore, play around with your breath.

Practice like this strengthens our focus and ability to deal with anxiety, triggers, or ptsd.



3 responses to this post.

  1. This is a simple way to learn to meditate

    If we can not practice for a minute are we really wanting to heal

    Healing comes when we make big changes

    Oh that’s a post

  2. I read that the optimum number of breaths is 6 per minute. It calms everything down and you can still move and function… something more to play with 😎

  3. Thanks. Val

    Optimum in what venue

    When I am h8king the breaths multiply quickly

    That’s a breath every ten seconds

    Probably our normal resting number without focusing on our breath

    I have played around with the length of the pauses and extended the exhales

    Extending the exhales increases the activation of our parasympathetic nervous system

    While meditating I slow my breath down considerably

    It helps my focus and calms my being

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