Do you have the Willingness to face your demons?



My journey was a long and winding road of confusion and suffering.

Improving (healing) at times was subtle almost imperceptible.

The big gains, the shifts integrating the scariest trauma, were violent exits from my body.

It felt the same as regular PTSD, triggers erupting, violent unrest, perceived life and death fear attacking me.

Trauma was pissed off it had to leave my being. This piece had lost power, control.

It scared me the first time, I enjoyed the hell out of it everytime it happened after that.





If we can not overcome our fear and take action, healing will never arrive.





It has been my willingness to face my demons while sitting quietly that has been the vehicle 🚙 used to heal.

What 🚗 do you use to face your demons?

I had to start with slightly negative stimulus to practice on at first.

Slowly I worked up to more serious trauma.

It took time to build my focus and courage to trust, surrendering the first time.

My willingness to face my demons has made the biggest impact on my attitude.

Are you part of the 5% who has the willingness to take action?



One response to this post.

  1. The action can start out small

    Every journey starts with that first step

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