Know your patterns, our Healing patterns also.




I am extremely familiar with the mechanisms of PTSD, the symptoms and the resulting suffering.

Knowing PTSD intimately is the first step, called awareness.

Next step was finding a path and doing the daily work, acceptance.

Then I glimpsed my first bit of healing.

It was so subtle I did not realize the change til weeks later.

My healing has always been in small increments, almost unnoticeable.

Healing never came with words, or announced itself cognitively.

My healing has always been intuitive, I feel different, a small deep change has happened.

As my recent repressed trauma recedes back into my ocean of abuse, I have no clue exactly what made the difference.

I applied all my tools, the result bore no change for months.

I think we chip away at PTSD from the inside. Like a boulder of trauma we make smaller with a hammer and chisel, by our daily work.

Every time I meditate, a little bit of healing happens, that Boulder gets a little smaller. This is my visual anyway.

Do you have a visual of you healing?

Having one helps me know my effort bears fruit, I can change trauma.

There are two other components of utmost importance.

I believe my healing practice has power.

I also believe this power will heal me more.



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