Childhood abuse happens over years and years

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Inside my head, childhood abuse (trauma) is extremely confusing, memory extremely spotty, and accuracy is influenced by the terror at the time it was stored.

The duration of time involved, 13, 14 or 15 years maybe.

The incidents of abuse are to many, to varied and to jumbled together to see a clear narrative.

Childhood abuse carries a ghostly quality for us, things did not work out. We will carry certain traits through life because of this abuse.

That is what we face. Know the enemy.

My inward exploration of PTSD has helped me improve.

I know exactly where my trauma manifests in my body.

I take my breath into the center of my solar plexus, observing the unrest with a curiosity.

In due time, my fight or flight mechanism became my friend, trauma did not scare me after that.

Oh it has risen up and disrupted my life, but I am not afraid of my PTSD anymore.

Reflect on your relationship with your PTSD.

You probably have experienced the worst PTSD can do to you already.

We get lost and confused.

Why fear what you have been able to endure for how long, years?

Responses are encouraged, this is not meant to be a monologue.



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