PTSD waves



I have learned to never draw long term judgments, good or bad.

Yesterday this new trauma receded back into the ocean of childhood abuse.

It feels like it crashed hard onto shore, creating havoc with its destructive power, but like all waves, it recedes quietly into the vast ocean.

My two episodes of PTSD exploding followed this path.

Enormous power and anxiety until we learn to quiet the war inside.

It is just one day but a signal of progress.

A current wave always seems the most dangerous, but in reality not near the threat we have already weathered.

We have surfed far more dangerous waters as kids and survived.

This current breath is not controlled by my trauma.

One free breath can grow into more.

If you need guarantees, you will never heal, true story.

It takes monumental courage and willpower to not quit.

We have to take action when fear is at its peak.

Not everyone can answer that bell.

5% heal(greatly improve), in my opinion.

What percentage do you think heals from PTSD?

From serious childhood PTSD?



2 responses to this post.

  1. I have done so much healing, yet have no idea how deep this goes. How can I quantify it? Just when I feel I can, no, MUST, allow more grief or anger or sadness out—I discover there was yet more.

  2. But I keep fighting

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