Origin of thoughts



Exercise: Close your eyes and focus on the breath intently, long slow breaths at first.

Bring awareness to your thoughts from a distance. Be aware of their movement, see how they flow, how they move, how they interact with the thought before and after it.

Now trace the thoughts back to their origin. The Cognitive generator.

Where do thoughts generate from in the brain, the source.

If we visualize a source like this, the idea of the mind mysteriously generating 60,000 thoughts a day out of air collapses.

Thoughts are just air and 60,000 makes a lot of hot air. We definitely are not aware of a thought every second.

Thoughts come from a finite place, just part of the brain, not some power source for our being.

Now that we have picked a spot in our brain that churns out thoughts, can you see the spaces in between thoughts.

Can you see when one thought ends and another starts.

Back away from thoughts content and watch how it lives, acts, arrives then departs.

How long does it stay and why do certain thoughts gain a conscious audience while others we never are aware of.

Defense or survival tops all thought in importance.

Our PTSD must have great influence on what thoughts we grasp.

Thoughts have great power on our PTSD.



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