The first two skills needed to Heal

We are victims for a while, that has to change first.

Victimhood disappears with our initial action to heal.

A needed first step, simply the hardest for most PTSD sufferers.

In my opinion 5% take daily action and face their PTSD.

There are many choices after we decide to take action.

The next skill and most important for me was and is currently never giving up.

There will be helpless and hopeless moments that an inner strength is needed to continue.

If we never give up, we will stumble into a therapy that helps sooner or later.

It is my mindset that has saved my ass a couple of times in my darkest moments with suffering.

The first two basic skills are not cognitive and definitely not complex.

Very simple to take daily action until trauma symptoms arrive.

Running a mindfulness group in person for 8 years confirmed what I believed.

A few healed while the rest did not even try.

My words were the same, some improved and the vast majority listened, nodded and remained stagnant.

What is the difference?

Inner drive and desire to heal that turns into action is the difference.

Ability to take action when we are frozen with a trigger firing.

We must face our fear and take action. It is the only path.

I would sit and surrender to my fears, opening my heart like a butterfly net, catching what I feared most.

Now that took courage. Something inside decided if I gave up, my abuser, my dad, would win. You need to find a purpose like this to drive you.

Taking daily action to heal has dominated my last decade of life.

Instead of complaining, I constantly apply my skills to improve.

It has become habit to continue even when things feel helpless.

I been at helpless a few times and I still continue.

How about you?

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by rudid96 on March 2, 2021 at 11:36 pm

    I’d like to ask a question. I agree that refusing to give up is #1.
    However, is engaging in actionable positivity (reorienting our daily focus) #2?
    Is it that though it’s NOT presently felt, one’s perspective and body just shifts with the adjustment? A case of fake it, till you make it?
    A fellow survivor told me that’s the way it works.
    Is that true?

  2. Taking action.

    Does not have to be a big action

    If you give effort you will find better action

    A case of fake it, till you make it?

    I totally disagree with that

    Being a pro baseball player we worked out in the off season for five months not knowing the outcome

    No way I was faking that

    In subtle ways we heal and miss it

    Take your mind to the effort of improving a little each day

    No fake in me Rudid96

    I may not heal totally but faking it

    Makes my effort a lie

    I try to hook up with my inner divine teacher everytime I meditate

    Today I imagined me at ten

    Then I surrounded him with kindness and approval

    None of it is fake

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