PTSD can lead to addictions




Chasing pleasure exclusively, leads to addiction. Whether it be food, alcohol, drug, sex , approval or power, it ends the same way.

Avoiding suffering, pain, and PTSD also leads to addiction.

It is a different addiction, avoiding actually grows suffering, pain and PTSD.

Our actions are aimed at wellbeing and happiness but our lack of perspective dooms us.

I avoided my triggers, situations, people and events that caused me pain. It had the opposite impact.

We all have witnessed an alcoholic or addict that denies he/she has an issue.

Look how far chasing pleasure or avoiding suffering can take us.

Do we not know that chasing pleasure only lasts a short time.

Any desire we satisfy does not last long.

That is the issue, the greatest meal in the world ends in hunger after 8 hours.

One meal, one hit of a drug, or one wild sexual fling lasts how long.

We do get temporary pleasure and maybe a residual smile with a later memory, but it does not satisfy anything today.

Avoiding suffering caused me to be agoraphobic for six months, trapped in my garage, unable to go out in public.

PTSD people need perspective and balance.

As always awareness is paramount.

Happy healing.



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