More Suffering (PTSD style)

Pixabay: kalhh



We not only avoid triggers, people and situations, but suffering.

There are many kinds of suffering, many different intensities and durations involved.

In a normal life situation, avoiding suffering is a basic skill.

We do not put our hand in the flame on the gas stove or jump off a roof.

PTSD bring a longer, more insidious kind of suffering.

PTSD suffering is repetitive, pain is mixed with emotionally charged fear and trauma.

PTSD uses our defense mechanism to scare us, firing our fight or flight mechanism, turning our nervous system into our personal terrorist.

This suffering is not physical as a broken leg, and does not heal anything like a broken bone.

PTSD has a big physical dimension using strong fear drugs and bodily functions to prepare us for a lethal threat.

We can see that PTSD suffering has the ability to last a lifetime.

I have had many, many injuries playing professional sports, they pail in comparison to childhood PTSD.

So how do we handle the suffering PTSD brings us?

Our first reaction is to avoid suffering at all costs.

With PTSD it does not work.

It’s similar to chasing pleasure, which seems like a good strategy until it ends in addiction.

Trying to avoid suffering, being afraid to experience my suffering made it worse.

How do we change human nature and accept our suffering.

For me this idea came forward.

If We have to suffer, we will suffer trying to heal.

In that sentence there is no avoidance or fear dealing with my suffering.

If you try to heal, your suffering will increase before it will release.

The old adage, no pain no gain seems to fit perfectly here.

If you fear your suffering PTSD will get much worse.


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