Childhood abuse is much more insidious because the mind was not developed fully when we were abused.

Abuse will always be part of our life, maybe a dominant factor.

This does not minimize PTSD, just points out the complexity of repeated abuse and its damage.

The healing path is the same just more arduous.



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  1. Posted by rudid96 on February 23, 2021 at 3:45 pm

    I can’t speak accurately to healing from PTSD as my burden is CPTSD. I believe healing from ‘death by a thousand cuts’ is improbable. I believe it’s possible to learn & integrate new coping strategies. However, life, in general, never shines. It seems more like a minefield. People fortunate enough to have both strategies AND regular human support do better in the long haul. Those people tend to become coaches and healers. Those are the ones that give testimonies; “I was like you but now everyday life is sunshine and gratitude.” That’s nice but far too many are left with daily struggles, trapped in the abyss of life with limited financial and social resources. Living with CPTSD is a ring to ring grasp of tools. Satisfying? Hell no but it affords one another day to try again.

  2. I did my best when all my trauma was buried

    Dormant until I got older

    I think it was an internal survival tactic

    With all the testosterone and anxiety of a damaged 20 year old

    I would not have survived college

    I know that now

    I have healed so

    My childhood I have accepted

    But it’s impact on my self worth or worthiness and my daily suffering was and is huge

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