Navigating normal people, friends and enemies!



I have shared my abuse with a few friends, it has not turned out very well.

They will never understand. They will question your courage, your desire, your character.

They have no clue, no insight, the hell we live with.

There words will do more damage.

I have lost friends because of their words and insensitivity towards me.

Better to keep our trauma to ourselves. We are not like them and they will surely tell you.

I do not have an answer how to navigate our life around normal people.

It is so frustrating, it is so lonely.

It is like we are from another planet, we are aliens to them.

It’s like our trauma is something we can will away with a change in attitude.

I mean how many times have you heard someone tell you, why can’t you just let it go and quit dwelling on it. You are weak minded.

Wow, a normal person telling me I am weak. Wonder if they ever regret some of the damage they do?

They were never seriously abused as kids. Fear had never been the dominate emotion growing up for them.

Why can they not understand what we battle?

I wonder why they feel superior to me.

Feel they have a right to demean or minimize my PTSD.

I have to admit, it hurts to my core.

It feels like betrayal.

This is the one venue that I am respected and understood, thank you.



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  1. I am not one for the word normal. My issue I understand. I must say though those considered by mainstream world as normal are not any sort of person I want to be with or with out my mental health illness CPTSD.
    The words spoken such as let it go, move one, get over it, weak minded, if only they knew. We Marty are strong minded we have somehow survived all that we have been through.
    Sure we are sort of a mess, yet we are still alive, we are strong even if we are broken. Something within us the mechanisms used to escape into ourselves however we did through the abuse, neglect, trauma we survived and live. We are works in progress and maybe we will heal fully and we will learn to be ‘normal’ if that is the goal you seek.

    For me I am actually happier now in my new creation of my life. Devoid of familial contact. Living exactly how I choose and letting in only those I want. And occasionally need ie social worker.
    Friends are a phenomenon that are sometimes present but so often not in my life. It is not necessarily trust but more their needs can sometimes exhaust me and I have burnt out being empathetic and supportive sometimes. Not often returned in kind.

    We are courageous and we survive.

  2. Thanks for your input and sharing

    For me this last repressed trauma has explained the big picture

    I see how my mind and thoughts
    Were never like people who were not abused

    I have a repressed trauma that was stored because it broke my spirit

    It was more than my damaged mind could handle

    It haunts me on its own without my input

  3. Glad someone does

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