Playing it safe does not heal PTSD: Victimhood



Playing it safe never healed me. In a way, I was accepting that invisible boundary (prison) as my fate.

I was acting like a victim. That statement does not bother me.

I have acted like a victim many times. We all were victims at one time or we would not suffer from PTSD.

Staying a victim enrages me.

Be aware of the enormous power words have on our trauma.

Certain words carry overwhelming emotional unrest.

Victim is one of those concepts.

For many, it brings a truckload of guilt.

It becomes a trigger within itself.

Remember if a word unsettles you, conquering PTSD would be impossible.

Risk, let that shit go, take action.

If you are not exercising, choose something and move your ass.

Trying means taking action.

We must resist or be conquered from the inside.

Being sedentary carries a huge price, physically and emotionally.

I did not read that in a book, I have lived it.



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