My attitude (stubbornness) has helped me



I have experienced trauma throughout my life.

I have also experienced never giving up every time trauma arrived.

I do not have to achieve anything to never give up, ever.

Who am I?

I do not control the trauma, I do control not giving up.

Who are you?

Our first responsibility is to never give up, never give in.




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  1. 😉
    “Character cannot be summoned at the moment of crisis if it has been squandered by years of compromise and rationalization. The only testing ground for the heroic is the mundane. The only preparation for that one profound decision which can change a life, or even a nation, is those hundreds of half-conscious, self defining, seemingly insignificant decisions made in private. Habit is the daily battleground of character.” – Dan Coats

  2. We see ourselves distorted, less, because of our trauma

    Much of this is buried unconscious for ever

    I have felt like a failure

    This is so distorted from my childhood

    I believed the stain permanent

    I believe I can find a different type of happiness even for me

    I know my lows are deep and hopeless

    But I fight out and keep going

    That is who I really am

  3. Nice sentiment

    We have to work fervently when things are calm to navigate the crisis that looms

    Helping others, I do not know why so few take action in the face of suffering

    Character or something inside

    Some never give up and eventually find a way to exist

  4. Yes we do! And in our endeavors,uphold each other and guide others – even on our perceived frailty. We are more than conquerors. we are VICTORS. Not survivors only!
    Adding the aspect of hardship as a test, it is a paradox we do not see it as so, but it is, albeit torturous and wrong that it occurs. We transcend these labels and limitations and inner voices of unworthiness through mindfulness and our own inner meaning, which is like a spark because it IS a spark of light ❤

  5. Having the ability to resist

    To take action

    To be able to change

    Is all we can ask

  6. I have done the opposite of healing many times, avoided, ran, grasp the thoughts, actually tried to battle those trauma thoughts with my own thoughts.

    Wow. Yeah that turned out a disaster.

    Now this statement is so mindful, so true, so Zen

    The only testing ground for the heroic is the mundane

    Happiness is what your eyes see right now, what chore or job or thought running

    It has to be because happiness only can be experienced in the moment

    So mundane contains damn near all our happiness

    We are not a movie character saving the world or conquering dangerous evil

    We got to work, worry about bills, our looks, our security,

    For the most part, life barely recognizes our existence and damn sure does not care.

    So our influence is small, our world importance minuscule

    How does an ego find happiness in the mundane shit

    The ego never finds happiness

    Happiness is contained in the journey..

    The time we take to be caring and kind to others always contains happiness for me

    Not long lasting but it is pure and I need to feel all I can.

    Meditating at times all things dropped away as I sat in the calmest space I have ever experienced.

    Time stopped, never felt so soothed and safe

    Kind of drifting

    So experience is available even for us

    Expand your boundaries step out of your comfort zone

    Risk is needed to heal

  7. Totally agree x

  8. Yes. In our daily habits and routines being calm and dispassionate.

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