Healing: A future visualization of Ourself



During a thirty minute meditation online class, we were instructed to visualize ourselves in the future as perfect.

She said the only difference between the present limited self and the future perfect self are the minds thoughts.

That hit a chord deep down inside me.

I know trauma thoughts and memories limit many things in my life.

Right now, the past trauma and the future perfect self are both my minds creation.

Neither is reality, both influenced by subjective input.

The future perfect self has as much credibility as my present self, as I see it.

Wow, that loosens traumas grip for me, a little.

Anything that limits our misguided beliefs about our self worth is extremely valuable.

I am in the process of opening my heart up, exposing fear, hurt, and a truck load of misguided trauma thoughts.



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One response to this post.

  1. The second pic has happened for me

    My healing became the birth of this blog

    Pay it forward

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