Triggers and our fight or flight mechanism



This is a common sense look, not an intense scientific diatribe, more my organic experience.

When PTSD literally exploded, that is my fight or flight fired one day, life was never the same. No one understands a nervous system running on tilt with all those drugs.

Cortisol and adrenaline were dumped into my blood stream. Our Sympathetic nervous system powers up instantly, jolted into action.

The problem became the number of times my fight or flight mechanism fired each day.

10 maybe 15 times a day, PTSD spotted imminent danger, dumping more and more cortisol and adrenaline.

I was so wired my body shook. I stopped functioning, not leaving the house for six months.

Fight, flight or freeze does not happen after the first couple of triggers firing.

We freeze solid, try to avoid at all costs, start to isolate and live in a panic stage for a while.

I did little healing during this extremely uncomfortable feeling.

Cortisol is used to defend us in a life and death circumstance, not be our normal at rest daily existence.

Our fight or flight mechanism rarely fires in a non traumatized brain.

We rarely run into a 1200 pound mother bear charging at us before lunch.

This pandemic and quarantine are an invisible danger that has impacted our children and every person suffering from any mental disorder.

Have gratitude for the ability to resist and take action.

Many who follow this blog take daily action and are looking for wisdom to find a way out.

We have to want to heal more than any other desire in our life.

Our loved ones need for us to do this also fir their benefit.

Lots of purpose for all of us.



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