PTSD: Things that bring relief



My first break with fighting PTSD came when I found meditation inside Acceptance and Committment therapy.

Building focus on my breath countered my intrusive thoughts. I found a way to let thoughts clear for short periods of time.

Next, meditation slowly unplugged my fight or flight mechanism from firing for PTSD triggers. This was a monumental step towards healing and calming the fear.

Without our nervous system hitting tilt all the time, trauma loses some of its teeth.

Next, I was taught to enter a task, drop the concept of time, getting done quickly or any cognitive judgment. Be the knife that slowly slices the vegetables.

We are preparing the best meal with our present ingredients. Each task deserves our complete awareness.

That is living in a mindful way. We start by picking a mundane chore and then practice entering, deeper and deeper, until time stops.

Doing laundry used to be a chore, now my purpose is to make my grandkids look as good as possible. Time melts. Each blouse and shirt is meticulously put on a hanger.

My mind calms, my nervous system applies the brakes, I experience a soothing, grounded feeling.

This feeling is unique, I need to expand into other tasks.

Forget about time, complete the task with focus, precision and purpose.

Learn to just be (observer), without needing to judge an event as good or bad, right or wrong. Our mind always wants to look ahead, be engrossed in thought, preoccupied.

Realize preoccupied has no chance at happiness. It’s close to multitasking, awareness disappears.

With PTSD, being aware, mindful of right now, stops many of PTSD symptoms.

All healing happens in this moment, not in the past and surely not the future.

We do not act like this is true.

Wellbeing comes down to the thoughts we grasp and the awareness of this present moment.

Even if you heal, it will not last if you leave this present moment.

I have experienced being healed then plunged backward into the abyss again.

I have developed the ability to stay present, in a focused mindful way even during traumas explosion.

I can take a step back, focus, then see reality more clearly.

We have two lives, one during calm times and the other when PTSD dominates our soul.



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