Find the peaceful space inside our abuse?

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Yesterday in the on-line meditation group, Jennifer said, find the peaceful space in the middle of our trauma turmoil.

For me, a solution like this resonates.

15 years of dedicated healing effort, has brought improvement, but falls way short of repairing the awful damage. For five years I worked 8 hours a day on healing, reading, meditating and applying the skills learned.

There has to be an inner guide, a divine teacher, something bigger, more permanent, more powerful to hook up to.

A healing space that repairs the damage, rewires the brain and brings wellbeing, must be hidden inside.

Our only chance at a decent life is to live in this moment, then move to the next moment, without taking any baggage with us.

The past is a nightmare for us, the more we resist going there, the healthier we become.

Comparisons are killer.

Do not compare your childhood or your life to another, we will lose and suffer.

Refuse to feel sorry for yourself, ever.

It is an emotional death sentence.

We need to appreciate our effort to heal, results are above our pay grade. Celebrate your resistance, there is power inside our courage and willpower.

Absorb the pixie dust we have earned. Our Triumphs need great jubilation. Our trauma sure hogs the stage way to often.

Healing at times for me, has been not giving up when all seems hopeless.

The ability to take action in the face of traumas terror, contains some wellbeing and self respect.

The best we can do some days is not give up, not avoid and not make any decisions.

I refuse to make any decisions when my trauma is active.

I am defined by my effort and attitude, not by my abuse.

What defines you?



3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by rudid96 on February 4, 2021 at 3:05 pm

    What defines me? For a very long time, the answer was nothing. I’m invisible. However now, with careful consideration & tentativeness, I might define myself as a day-to-day quest. Sorry, not more than that.

  2. You are your effort

    You are the willpower and courage to take action and keep,trying

    You are much more just trauma buries it with all its abuse

    You are in the road less traveled and you have not given up

    We do not judge ourselves for our abuse
    For any of our feelings

    Our self image was damaged in childhood. But self image is a misrepresentation of who we really are

    You are much braver than you will ever know rudid96

  3. Posted by rudid96 on February 4, 2021 at 10:53 pm

    Thank you for this guiding reminder. It’s very appreciated.
    Some days I need to focus on that Northern Star more than others.

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