Focused and Fearless by Shaila Catherine: “I” am


“Make a note of moments when the thought “I am” forms.

How much of your thinking is recreating and reinforcing the story of being you?

What would the experience of your life be like without the burden of incessant becoming?”



My two cents: “I” (Ego) am the one who loses balance, perspective, direction.

I turn desires into needs with excessive craving.

Ego tells me through irrational thoughts, his existence is paramount.

60,000 thoughts cross our path daily, coming from some nether land deep inside our mind.

Many of these thought are the Ego’s selfish needs and outrages.

When I go deep in the woods, that bear or nature could care less, I am Marty.

We are so much more than the small, rigid Ego.




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  1. Hello Marty, I realy think is great what you have to say as a deep tought. Every Day I read you and I always find your still, the way your desinging your philosophie and actualy very abstrac but very real possibility. I fond that the questioning you have to go thrue most feel some time when you abel to find a answers : you most feel so high, so alive . That is what I feel following you, Marty. Also it happen many time that you find your answers, right. Today when I was reading you, I feel that is a minimum from me to say thank you so mutch for let me read your évolution at some Point. Because it so great and always intelligent, at some extend LoL!!? Sometime it is your gut speaking and it is great too. Sincères amitiés Philippe Martin father of new quantum Physics theory 😎

  2. Thank you

    Well I am as list as everyone else

    I am a civilian

  3. People often go on a mission to find themselves – their true self. But how come we live for decades and are still unfamiliar with ourselves? We tell ourselves stories and create our own stories. But how do we distinguish what’s actually true?

  4. When you are having a string emotional reaction, that is the other gal, your “Ego”

    Anytime you say I need this, I am this or that

    Anytime your identity takes charge it is “Ego”

    You have to sit and get to observer mode.

    If you lean to,focus intently, you can pull back and observe your Thinker. Not your true self

    By knowing your Ego you can know what your true self is not

    When we are thinking there is a great chance our true self is not doing the thinking

    Can you take a step back and observe the thinker and her emotions and convictions. That other gal, the Ego is never equal to another ego

    Our true self is the same since birth He/ she is permanent

    Emotions and thought are not actually they are ephemeral and transparent

    So good luck exploring

    Meditation is the quickest way to find your true self in depth

    Good luck

  5. About 8 years ago, I took the Myers Briggs personality test. I have always thought of my self as a rational thinker. Based on the questionnaire, it turned out that I rely more on intuition than thinking. I have great trouble believing this. But as time goes on, I try to listen to it more, rather than relying purely on logic.

  6. It calls you

    You know there is something else

    There is

    My opinion

  7. Posted by rudid96 on February 4, 2021 at 3:22 pm

    The other day my mind began spinning the tales of woe. My practice has recently included my adult self separating from this wounded, victim part, the part that’s frozen in the trauma. With compassion, I listened to that younger voice & reminded it that in the here and now, I’ve got its back. The ‘then’ is so powerful. The practice is the ‘now.’

  8. You are improving

    You never give up

    There is no other path

    One day our trauma may recess enough for happiness to shine again..

    I have healed once and somehow I will again

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