Meditation was the place I did my exposure therapy.

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Neuroscience has explained what happens during our fight or flight mechanism firing, how cortisol and adrenaline are dumped into our system.

Aerobic exercise and the breath can dissipate cortisol and adrenaline. Aerobic exercise is the physical (mechanical) way to deplete these drugs.

Exercise to near exhaustion and your body will flush all those drugs and poisons.

Next the breath: If you can focus on ten straight slow breaths, you can deplete these drugs without exercise to near exhaustion. It’s true, I have done both many many many times.

My meditation practice stopped my fight or flight mechanism from firing.

I still get smaller doses but never that violent jolt of feeling like death is near.

Half the battle is fear of our triggers exploding.

You can stop your fight or flight mechanism from firing using your breath.

PTSD is much tamer without the chaos of triggers exploding.

Trigger thoughts lose power when the fireworks stop going off.

With my nervous system calm, I took aim at my trauma thoughts.

Meditation was the place I did my exposure therapy.

I was safe meditating, facing my fears without judgment.

Then I went into real life and extinguished more.

Long journey but satisfying.

Mine continues as a moment to moment battle.




2 responses to this post.

  1. I’ve been considering meditation and yoga as a means to quiet my storms, reading this I’m encouraged to try it rather than talk about it. Thank you.

  2. Many forms of meditation out there

    I joined a free zoom group just expand my horizons

    Good luck

    I have a middle which makes it easier to focus

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