Thoughts and memories are fuel for PTSD




Childhood abuse leaves a miserable trail of trauma thoughts

and harmful memories.

In this mode, in this space, life sucks, suffering is constant.

This space is called Dissociation, PTSD’s most powerful weapon.

Childhood trauma becomes a moment to moment battle with these trauma thoughts.

If we grasp the poison we suffer, PTSD powers itself.

Thought is the fuel trauma needs to thrive.

I healed the first time, because I quit thinking about childhood memories, my abuse.

Notice how PTSD fluctuates, more active, more harmful at trigger moments.

Notice the fear you have with triggers.

How strong is your desire to avoid?

How much time do you spend in thought during the day?

How much time do you devote to healing everyday?

Do you take action daily to heal?

If not, do you understand why?

Do you have a specific plan?

Emquiring minds want to know.



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