Thoughts are air without action,, harmless inside our head

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Thoughts and emotions are appendages, out there, out in front of me, at the end of my extended arm.

My core, guiding light, soul, divine presence, or whoever you call the inner being, can not be touched by an appendage (thought or emotion).

PTSD thoughts are appendages, highly threatening to my “Ego”, harmless to my true self.

Took me a long time to figure this out.

PTSD has no impact on our true self, who we really are.

No matter what PTSD does to me, I can find pockets of wellbeing.

I refuse to become my trauma thoughts anymore, trauma exists, but over there, just out of reach.

In the midst of PTSD, I can sit still and observe my trauma without needing to avoid or fear it.

That’s a long journey from being so terrified of every trigger, I became agoraphobic.

My relationship with PTSD has changed drastically with familiarity, healing and time.

You can improve and deplete some of the fear and anxiety that you endure.



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