Find a way to increase your desire to heal.



Repetition overcomes thought. Thought is not needed or beneficial when enough repetitions are completed.

A great hitter or concert pianist is not thinking when performing.

It is our ability to let thought go at times, that saves us.

I outworked PTSD the first time it exploded.

Meditating five hours everyday for five years, it was a battle to the death inside my mind.

I meditated til thought finally stopped for brief moments. Not for the faint at heart ♥️ approach. My gallows humor. ☠️

You have to find what works for you.

If you find meditation difficult, pick a hobby you can engross yourself for hours. One follower does intricate bead work of exceptional quality.

Take your breath into your safe space and amplify wellbeing.

Next, let all negative emotions fade, grasp the positive ones with exuberance, then release.

Do not let anger, resentment, jealousy, hate etc. occupy space or time inside our mind.

Be aware of what the mind grasps.

Being present, in observer mode, empty of thought, focused on what my eyes see, eliminates worry, doubt and anxiety.

Thought brings so many negative emotions and consequences.

Learn to focus on five breaths intently. With five slow breaths we can always center quickly.

Being able to center and let go, let’s us see reality, clears the fog of trauma thought.

Practice short focus exercises, then apply at ever opportunity.

Find a way to increase your desire to heal.

Then take action, this step is essential.



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  1. Posted by rudid96 on January 22, 2021 at 4:33 pm

    These daily posts are essential to the process of healing and regular maintenance. Trauma is insidious. If you’re among those that have found your way to a more healing ground, it’s essential to engage in practicing daily those tools that helped build your new self.

  2. Then take action, this step is essential. . .

    If we only read healing will not go very far

    It took action for any healing to happen for me

    No pill, or therapist healed me

    We heal from the inside

    Somehow we need to accept ourselves while sitting still, not trying to avoid but dead serious about facing our demons

    When I meditate the only thing moving is the expanse of my chest inhaling and contraction during exhale.

    I am at rest, examining my inner world, my goal is to empty y mind of thought so intuition can bring wisdom and healing

    Improvement is not arriving in cognitive form , never has for any of my healing

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