Left versus Right Hemisphere


From “Bouncing Back”–

Left hemisphere: Verbal processing: Language, Speech, Symbols

Right Hemisphere: nonverbal processing: visual images, body movements, emotions, experiences in relationship

Left hemisphere: linear processing (one bit of data after another in sequence)

Right hemisphere: holistic processing (seeing the big picture)
My two cents: Common man terms, the left hemisphere is the specific, cognitive engine, the thinker, the finite container of our “Ego”.

The right hemisphere is the expansive, unlimited side, intuition lives here without words or thoughts.

The right hemisphere is ever present, while our cognitive side spends hours upon hours in the past or future.

We reach this right hemisphere through concentration and practice.



Shaila Catherine writes about concentration: “Concentration brings with it a natural joy that arises as the mind settles and is absent of distraction.

A surgeon may love surgery, not because the operating room is a pleasant place to be, but because the task demands such complete attention that the mind is filled with the delight associated with concentration.

Kayakers are often enveloped in rapture even though their bodies are cramped in little boats and splashed by frigid water.

A concentrated mind is focused, unified, and stable, regardless of whether the conditions are uncomfortable or luxurious.”
PTSD dies in the Right Hemisphere.

Without words or thoughts, judgments like good or bad, right or wrong, PTSD dies without fuel.

The right hemisphere does not know there is a past or future, it only knows now.

We will not attain enlightenment, but we can build concentration that integrates traumas hold.

Being able to focus intently on ten breaths can dissipate most triggers firing.

That skill can calm your nervous system, half way to healing.


3 responses to this post.

  1. The other day I tried to rationalise what is going on the world and I think it does take a certain amount of right hemispherical function to be able to put someone under pressure in thinking; to use different forms and modes of creativity. Thank you for this. I know I used Trump as a catalyst, but at the moment this pandemic has led to people having more time to think about things. So I try to do these reflection pieces to help them.

    This one was tough so I put mental pressure on myself. I ended up researching 5 different ways of thinking and 21 different criticisms.


  2. In depth

    Thanks for the input

    My therapist says this pandemic and political turmoil has caused ptsd to activate for many

  3. Wow! I had no idea. My PTSD has lessened over the last year or so but I don’t think it will ever completely go away.

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