What drives your desires

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Can we say desires have different origins and consequences.(yes)

Some desires are beneficial in proper perspective, bringing depth and purpose to our lives.

Some desires can be dysfunctional, destructive for us and others.

Desires mixed with emotions always have our Ego heavily involved.

Do desires lead to wellbeing or suffering?


Let’s look at the mechanism:

Take a wonderful buffet: The smells, colors, and presentation of the food invade our senses, creating desire.

The important part is not in the selection of the entree, it is the quality of our satisfaction that determines our behavior.

The first banana split was delicious, the second wonderful and by the middle of the third, a belly ache ensued.

Satisfaction never meets desire and definitely does not last for long.

That is mans issue, nothing satisfies for long, so desire never ends

Even with a buffet, stuffing my face, I will be hungry, possibly starving in a week.

Our ultimate desire, the need for oxygen (breath) goes unnoticed everyday.

Our Ego craves more satisfaction than is healthy for us.

Our Ego may desire to harm others who have wronged him.

So while desire is a necessity, moderation and perspective are always needed.

Mindfully we could choose desires that lead to Wellbeing.



4 responses to this post.

  1. “Mindfully we could choose desires that lead to Wellbeing.”

    I teach a course on Health Psychology in the nursing program.

    This post Marty, and the summary statement is a great example sustainable health habits.

    Thank you for sharing!

  2. Thanks for your wisdom

    Look how long it took for positive psychology to make the rounds

  3. So true Marty! 100 years to long. Now it’s time to make up for “lost time”. Solutions and Strengths First. It fuels us to handle the rest!

  4. I say use your strengths

    I try to adapt any plan or action incorporating my strengths

    We all are different

    Many different ways to heal and improve

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