Reblogged: 2020 Life Lessons: Be Strong Enough To Be Gentle

Lockdowns have us spending a lot of extra time with the ones we love. Especially during the holidays. And if you’re anything like our household, it …

2020 Life Lessons: Be Strong Enough To Be Gentle

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  1. Thank you for sharing my psychology post on your blog Marty! Your generosity is felt up here in Canada. May you feel it too, as you enter into a new year. Hopeful, that all the lessons learned, will carry you forward. Warm Wishes, Andrea

  2. Best wishes

    Your posts have wisdom and kindness in them

  3. Thank you so much Marty. We see who we are. And you my friend, are wise and kind. Wishing you a gentle start to the new year.💜

  4. Well those without hangover are up blogging

  5. Exactly! Like the sun ☀️

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