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Yesterday, I kind of lost it over an encounter that was similar to being on the PTSD discussion board.

Someone who does not have PTSD or know anything about the subject, needed to spread their bullshit in a response to yesterday’s post.

Having a recent betrayal trauma explode, I am extremely sensitive to anyone messing with me right now.

I have witnessed people trying to harm others and get them to have a breakdown or worse as a prank on the PTSD discussion board (Dailly Strength).

My in person mindfulness group was blown up by a manipulating alcoholic right before Covid.

I was shocked someone could violate a meditation group for selfish reasons without remorse.

Yes, I have meditated a lot, have PTSD, however behavior that resembles my father’s abuse gets a big reaction.

I was pissed and verbally confronted him in not so kind words.

People do not realize how deeply we take others trying to manipulate or dominate our space, like our abuser did.

Volunteering for free, I thought extending myself to help others would not have assholes taking advantage.

Boy was I wrong. There is no sacred space.

Today I am evaluating the aggravation running this blog brings to my doorstep.

Is it worth it to expose myself like this?

Why do some have to try to damage and destroy things like a PTSD blog?

Would they go on a rape victims blog and act the same way?

I welcome comments, hope to get them, encourage honest difference of opinion and a sharing of ideas.

My posts are part of me, real, lived and heartfelt offerings to hopefully help others.

Sad grown adults behave this childish.



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  1. Posted by rudid96 on November 18, 2020 at 4:47 pm

    Phew! A person must have a huge load of nonsense filling their head and heart to mess with this blog! Yesterday, I tried posting but it continually returned “removed.” Sometimes it appears no good turn goes unpunished. But that’s untrue.

    The value of this blog and the life-saving gift it’s been and continues to be, needs to be examined. The amount of thankless work creating and monitoring a Blog of this quality is daunting for sure!!! However as someone walking the talk, this is one of the rare places I feel seen and heard without shame. Every post, consistently and with intelligence, captures the ruptures and snags of living with PTSD and C-PTSD. I read, contemplate, and meditate on each post. Therapy helps soften some of my edges but right here, on this page, this is where my truth appears.

    Mindful Marty, just wondering, will the abuser once again out weigh the neglected, abused, and abandoned? Haven’t they held the spotlight long enough? Speaking for myself, I need this place Marty.
    Whatever your decision, please accept my profound gratitude for what you’ve created here and wishes for more peace in your life journey.

  2. Thanks

    I am overly sensitive and expose my vulnerabilities

    That’s not easy for us

    On the Ptsd discussion board I was attacked weekly

    My sin was to have the audacity to say we can heal

    I found out that victims will not tolerate someone opining yo take responsibility and try

    I guess I had to out this out there

    My current trauma makes me irrational at times

    Rudid you have been a supportive follower for a long time

    People like you is why I do this

    Thanks for reminder

  3. Posted by rudid96 on November 18, 2020 at 9:45 pm

    Really sorry that you’ve been attacked on discussion boards. They ‘should’ be a safe haven but hurt people hurt people.
    Embracing intentional healing is very much part the natural evolution of life. I take my cues from Nature. The forest appears static but there’s always transition. Viewing healing as nature’s life cycle brings some acceptance when growth feels like a mirage and the inner world is rocked. Health to me, means learning to embrace it all with quiet acceptance and compassion.

  4. It’s a confusing journey at times

  5. Marty, I am mostly, these days, just a silent follower of your blog.

    As much as I believe in engagement and sharing of thoughts and ideas, I’ve just been too overwhelmed and mind-blown these days given everything that’s happening in the United States. I have been really at my Wit’s End, dysfunctional beyond belief, and struggling probably more than I ever have in my whole life.

    That said, I haven’t had the wherewithal to engage in your blog. It doesn’t mean I haven’t read it, because I have — but my bandwidth is really limited these days. I do the best I can, and your blog is a lighthouse in the fog. A beacon in the storm for me.

    I certainly can’t tell you what to do, you have every right in the world to say eff it, I’m done. I’m not putting up with this shit, and walk away.

    We all know that that is essentially allowing the dick heads in this world to Prevail, you lose they win. …. Not that it matters.

    Some people would say “you know, you just got to walk away, turn the other cheek, rise above.” ➡ BS!! Seek revenge and payback, and make sure it’s strong!

    Either way, I really value your directness, your openness, and how authentic you are, even in the face of exposing your vulnerabilities. That’s actually what makes this so powerful.

    I just want to put in my two cents brother. YOU are appreciated. Mick

    On Wed, Nov 18, 2020, 9:53 AM C PTSD – A Way Out wrote:

    > Marty posted: ” . . > Yesterday, I kind of lost it over an encounter that was similar to being on > the PTSD discussion board. Someone who does not have PTSD or know anything > about the subject, needed to spread their” >

  6. Thank you

    There is a silent following of my blog

    Thank you again

    It is worth it for people like you

    We all want to be normal and experience kindness

    We can not control others behavior

    It is in our nature to isolate from others

    My expectations have to change

    I guess I need to know followers value what I am doing

    Thank you Mick

  7. Posted by LovingSummer on November 19, 2020 at 11:05 pm

    “My sin was to have the audacity to say we can heal”

    You are right though! It’s not a sin to speak the truth. If we don’t heal, why are we having therapy? I believe wholeheartedly in healing, even if it’s slow and painful and even incomplete for a very long time. Maybe it can take a lifetime. But heal we most certainly can.

    I’m sorry you were attacked, you didn’t deserve that. I’m another one who appreciates what you write here.

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