How many kids heal from serious Childhood abuse?


Statistics cover the many causes and their percentages, absent is any percentage for how many heal and how many suffer and die early.

Finding a ballpark figure of how long it takes to heal is non existent.

I would like to know what chance exists for healing from serious childhood trauma.

So many parts of our abuse are intertwined with our brains development. My brain was filled with abuse before it was even capable of distinguishing between trauma and normal development.

If you have serious childhood PTSD, a regular therapist without outstanding skills and wisdom will not work very well.

Recognize the mountain we have in front of us.

People suffer from a single trauma, we were traumatized for a decade and a half growing up.

Parts of us stayed behind in survival mode.

We act out from invisible fear we spot and isolate for reasons no one else can see.

We are not like normal people and will never be like them.

Even if we heal, our lives will never resemble theirs.

Our brains wired differently and not for our wellbeing.

Our coping mechanisms we used to survive our abuser will damage us in adult life.

Will we ever feel safe, worthy and secure?

I have improved in remarkable ways but feeling safe and worthy, having peace of mind are not my companions even now.

If we are offered another life, reincarnation, how many of violently abused kids would take it.

This little boy would never chance being abused like I was ever again.



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  1. We are not like normal people, and will never be like them

    How long have we tried to fit in, act like normal people.

    For me accepting this fact, takes a heavy burden off me.

    Performing to get approval we think we have to have is sad.

    Someone told me the other day, this I did not have respect for myself because I stayed with a girlfriend who betrayed me.

    How did I know my dad had no boundaries in abusing me, so how could I have respect.

    Sad at my age to just realize the many things I lacked and the fear of abandonment that would never leave

  2. Posted by Anne Houseal on November 9, 2020 at 7:23 pm

    Very powerful observations. And, oh boy, can I relate. Especially the ‘no one else will know why I isolate’. For survival.

  3. On the ptsd discussion board I spent a year early on when my trauma exploded, many expected people to adjust to them

    It was like they had a sign to hold up if something triggered them

    Regular life goes in, and we are always behind because we have so much extra to deal with and our brains never developed certain circuits to bi d and trust others.

    If we isolate it is a matter of degree how much we isolate.

    Survival mode centers around imminent fear and we spot it everywhere somedays

    We feel enormous loss and betrayal.

    My second trauma surfacing four months ago has brought this great upset inside my mind

    Trauma has dominated much of my life

    Even recovery has take. A decade and I am far from done

    Do we ever get to have a day with peace of mind

    Ever feel really worthy satisfied

    Ok at our core

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